PoolParty Semantic Suite

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PoolParty Semantic Suite in a Nutshell

Knowledge Engineering & Knowledge Graph Management

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Start building your knowledge graph

With the PoolParty Thesaurus Manager you can build standards-based knowledge models. The user-friendly tool enables subject matter experts to establish an enterprise taxonomy infrastructure.

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Structure your digital assets

猫咪视频appOntology management is an advanced approach of knowledge modelling. PoolParty enables your knowledge engineer to build highly customized knowledge models for your cognitive applications.

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Make your data actionable

Use existing data resources and integrate them into your digital knowledge environment. Linked Data accelerates your knowledge engineering.

Content Enrichment & Data Integration

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Classify and annotate your text and data

Highly consistent metadata is the foundation of excellent search and personalization services. Concept tagging enriches your data automatically based on your knowledge models.

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NLP based on graphs and machine learning

80% of data is unstructured and has tremendous potential for business innovation. PoolParty lets you extract meaning from your document repositories easily and fast.

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Interlink your data semi-automatically

Transform different data formats into RDF and utilize it for your semantic application. PoolParty UnifiedViews automates data management along the whole Linked Data Life Cycle.

Knowledge Discovery & Smart Applications

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Stop searching, start finding

PoolParty has everything you need to build your semantic search engine including a ready-to-use and highly configurable graphical user interface. The semantic search portal also includes data analysis tools.

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Personalized user experience

PoolParty allows you to implement highly precise recommendation engines, digital assistants, bots and cognitive services. With PoolParty, they won't remain black boxes, but can be adapted and trained.

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Gain deep insights from complex data

Data analytics based on relational databases have some limits. Start working with graph technologies and establish a contextualized data infrastructure. With RDF as standards-based data and SPARQL as query language, you can turn your data upside down.

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